Did you know 1.4 Million Malaysians do not have MyKad?

In 21st century all of us would think that, such a basic activity like having MyKad would not be the topic of the day. Unfortunately, here we are, talking about Malaysians without MyKad (National Identification Card).

Last week, I met one of my friends, for a casual tea-time chat. We talked about myriad of things and at some point, my friend brought up the very same question of this article’s topic “Did you know 1.4 Million Malaysians do not have MyKad?”

I was in shock and felt like an idiot for all this while, I was thinking everybody was a responsible citizen that ensured they will have the MyKad. MyKad proves your citizenship and why would someone be without MyKad. How naive I was.

Well, I didn’t know about it. Now that, I know, I am compelled to share this information and urge everyone to be more responsible and sensible.

Based on the National Registration Department (NRD)’s statistics, of the 1.4 million, 45,588 people are 13-17 years old, 970,377 (18-80 years old), 110,537 (81-90 years old) and 302,694 (91 years and above).

Total PeopleAge Group
45,58813 -17 years old
970,37718 – 80 years old
110,53781 – 90 years old
302,69491 years and above
National Registration Department Statistics (year 2020)

Here is another statistic for you to crunch, 882,924 Malaysian citizens with birth certificate but failed to obtain MyKad.

The million-dollar question is why. There are many reasons to why people failed to obtain their MyKad. I am going to be honest some of the reasons actually boiled me up, because you wouldn’t give such excuse in 2020 or 2021.

Some of the reasons were, living in rural areas, some of them were not aware they need to get MyKad (really that’s your excuse – what a load of bullshit), failed to apply for MyKad even though they have been granted citizenship, some Malaysian were living abroad and failed to come back to apply for MyKad and many others.

Most of this starts because, failure to get the birth certificate within the stipulated time period. Some don’t register their wedding. Who pays the price? The kids. That’s right because adults who are lazy, blatantly ignorant and stupid decided not to get the birth certificate / MyKid for their kids.

Am I angry about this? May be. But most importantly, I want everyone to understand the consequences of not having in MyKad in Malaysia. MyKad is the only document that can prove that you are a Malaysian citizen. When you don’t have that, you can’t vote, which means you can’t choose who governs you. It is a fundamental right in democracy and you won’t be able to exercise it.

  • You need MyKad to take PT3 exam.
  • You need MyKad to open a bank account.
  • You need MyKad to apply loans.
  • You need MyKad to get your driving license.
  • You need MyKad to get married.
  • You need MyKad, so that people can register your death.
  • You need MyKad, to get access to better health care.

And the list goes on what you can’t do when you don’t have MyKad.

And don’t forget that you will need to live in a continuous fear of authorities, even though you were born in Malaysia. You lose your freedom. You have to live like a criminal in your own country. Continuously harassed and the fear of getting caught is not something that you want to go through on a daily basis.

Your entire generation is screwed because you did not get a MyKad. Don’t do that to your kids. Don’t let them be stateless in their own country.

Act now, be a responsible citizen.

When MyKad was introduced in September 2001, Malaysia was the first country in the world to use a national identity card which has a photo and biometric data on a built-in chip embedded in a plastic.

Who do we blame for this? Government?

No, my friend. Only ourselves to be blamed. The government has already provided the necessary infrastructure, awareness, system, and technology to make this process work. In fact, the National Registration Department is efficient in providing the MyKad. It only takes 45 minutes to get one.

I see no excuses to get MyKad. Be sensible and responsible, do your duty as a parent, youth and the citizen of Malaysia.

Get the MyKad.

Applying for MyKad:

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